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this is where i post my fics! i will occaisionally post some ramblings on my life as well.
my main community is miracle______

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so recently i've been getting a lot of adds (which is really exciting!)--
*friending: by all means, go ahead! whether its just to stalk my journal (idk why youd want to, i might be boring) or to read my fics, i dont mind, friend adds are greatly appreciated!
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all the fics specifically written for the holyschm0use216 fic battle! are located here:

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Series Fic
--DBPK (status: hiatus) (last update: 4.24.09)
--HP!AU Super Junior (status: in progress) (last update: 6.16.09)

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SM Town; HP AU; Initiation

Title: Initiation
Fandom: SM Town
Pairings: various
Word Count: 3,127
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Taemin is set to follow in the footsteps of his brother, Heechul, at the Jae Neung Academy for Young Witches and Wizards. He just didn't know how big his shoes were.
Genre: Humor, Crack, Action
A/N: Wow...Haha...hi guys... >__>;; *guilty look* I'm gonna pretend like I HAVEN'T been AWOL for the past year or so. Life got in the way :/ I can't really say more, and I don't have an excuse. I feel kinda bad, actually, and I wouldn't blame anyone for not reading this since the updates come so rare. Mian. Really. Anyyyyways...This one is noticeably shorter than the other posts because I missed this and I thought "fuck it, I'm gonna update RIGHT. NOW." And then I saw that I had 2k words written and I was like, WEYL, ALRIGHT. And I finished this and posted. I was gonna write some about the Jonghyun Key dynamics (because I have something juicy planned) but hey, something posted is better than nothing posted. RIGHT? Right! Please don't spear me! Please send love instead! ⎝(′∀`;⎝) "love...only love...♥ ♥ ♥ "

"Kangin, you can’t keep a plant alive, how do you expect to keep yourself alive?"
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Title: Alcohol Is Always The Best Option [[EXCERPT]]
Fandom: Super Junior
Parings: bias♥bias♥bias
Word Count: N/A
A/N: Hullo.

Because I miss you.

And because I want to prove that I'm not all talk, and that I have written something, even if it isn't any good, and even if it's just ALL KIHAE because screw it, I love them, and you can't take them away from me, I LOVE THEM. I don't care if they don't exist, THEY EXIST IN MY PANTS HEART.

And that it's like, soft-core porno level.

I SWEAR I DON'T ALWAYS WRITE THIS. This is just an excerpt. Don't judge me.

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omg I'm suffocating I'm pretty sure the sleeping mom of the house I'm staying at just sharted her pants in the living room please help me.

EDIT: oh my FRIGGING GOD you guys I forgot how smoking hot Dongahe was LOOK AT HIM IN THAT TSHIRT. I really hope I get to lick him one day, nfl. N.F.L.
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→ No Other is so amazing I literally almost cried.

→ I will go to either the SM town concert in LA or the SUJU 3rd Asia tour in Seoul, mark my motherfuckin words. ♥ (I prefer Suju so I can once again seduce Siwon with my face.)

→ Miss A "Bad But Good" will probably turn me into a lesbian. I'm like 80% sure I would tap all of them. Don't tell my boyfriend.

→ I hated the acting and directing in Avatar: The Last Airbender, but fuck yeah I want to be an airbender.

→ I miss MBLAQ, esp Mir :( and I just saw that clip of him and his sister makin out. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

→ I saw the weirdest fuckin movie today, it was about this taxi driver and the weird people in Chicago he drove around all day. No, was...weird. It was weird. I also saw vampires do it on True Blood. The family friends I'm staying with while my parents are out of town watch some weird shit.

→ my main music site got deleted but HAYYY found a better one wassup.


→ I'm kinda writing. Kinda.

the end.
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Oh my God I'm so hungry.

It's currently 5:59 in the AM, aka morning, my newspapered windows (painting the room) which block out all light at all costs are showing the faint glow of morning, I have to be eating breakfast with my boyfriend and his brother in four fucking hours, and I have been up all goddamned night writing fic because stupid black_goose got me inspired and shit with...oh God, I don't even know what, everything, something, I don't know, and now I'm writing a story that involves copious amounts of alcohol.

I am not a drinker.

Okay so sometimes I drink.

But only when I'm at college. And only after I turned of age in Korea.

...and I havent been drunk in awhile and I would like to be,! Yes, research. God, what has become of me. I swear I don't really drink often, not for some social perception of me, I just don't like it and I personally don't like doing it. But I've gotten the itch recently and I need to somehow indulge, but I probably won't. Because I'm me. Oh, me.

What does this have to do with anything?

I don't KNOW! I'm SLEEP DEPRIVED! Yippee! I should of gone to bed when the demon-game of Bejeweled 2 finally ended after days of trying to lose. Damn you, iPad. Damn you.

The point is, I'm going to have to tell my boyfriend tomorrow, my very jealous boyfriend, that I stayed up all night to write about 15 different twenty-something Asian men. Joy. All for you. And a little for me. Because Kibum is in it, because Kihae is God, and I will never stop writing it, NEVER, YOU HEAR ME, and it will be in all of my fics, and if you don't like it, you can learn to like it, and yes.

Also, I haven't uploaded baby!fic Hanchul because I typed it on my iPhone and it's kind of LONG at least to transfer it from my iPhone by hand and I don't want to :(

I will. Later. Eventually. What? Omg, I'm going to sleep. NO MORE WRITING, SLEEP.